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Welcome to Anasiscor!

To serve you better since 1991!!!

Founded in 1991, Anasiscor is one of the youngest Portuguese company which commercializes equipment for the graphics industry. Through the years, it has developed as a familiar company that has been growing based on the good service offered, becoming a first line reference in this business. Today, Anasiscor trades electronics equipment, mainly for the pre-printing field, including Macintoshs, PCs, NT servers, printers, plotters, image setters, high resolution scanners, copydot scanners, commercial and newspaper CTPs, digital printing on small and large format. At the beginning of the 21th century, Anasiscor is a modern organization. It is positioned as a service company whose first priority is to offer quality, customization and friendship in its relationship with graphics industry clients.

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Bagel Systems
B&R Moll
Sef Textile
Glunz & Jensen

Special agreements for marketing

and specialized technical assistance with:


North of Portugal


- Chapas de Offset convencionais

- Chapas para CTP Térmico

- Chapas para CTP Violeta

- Filme fotográfico

- Papel para prova de cor

- Plastico Termico

- Fitas termicas para cintar

- Tinteiros para plotter

- Toner para Impressoras a laser

- Software diverso para Artes Gráficas

- Equipamentos gráficos Pre Impressão e Acabamentos

- Consumíveis Xanté


- CTP Térmico, Violeta e Convencional

- CTP Flexografia e Letterpress

- CTP Serigrafia (Quadros Serigráficos)

- CTF Filmadoras *usadas*

- Reveladoras

- Prova de Cor

- Máquinas de cintar

- Máquinas de Estampar

- Impressão Digital de Pequenos Formatos

- Impressão Digital de Grandes Formatos

- Impressão Digital em Altas gramagens

- Impressão Digital de Envelopes

- Impressão Digital de Etiquetas e Rótulos

- Impressão de Fotolito em Plotter para Tampografia e Serigrafia

- Alceadoras

- Máquina de alcear, dobrar e agrafar com folhas planas

- Máquina de cortar, vincar, picotar e aparar

- Máquina de encapar com cola Hotmelt

- Máquina de encapar com cola PUR

- Máquina de dobrar

Renting Solutions

Contact us for a simulation up to 60 months.

Anasiscor - Análise de Sistemas Gráficos Unipessoal, Lda


Rua das Maçarocas, Edifício 7
Abrunheira Business Center
2710-056 Sintra
Tel: +351 214 707 800
Fax: +351 214 707 809

Coordenadas de GPS:
38°46'16.15"N - 9°21'19.31"W